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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about my training? You might find your answer here! If not, contact me.

Update: Sept 30 2017. No new enrollments for group classes are being taken. I will still teach private in home consults. Call me to schedule.


Can new dogs or puppies really join every week?

Yes! Open enrollment every week!


How do I enroll?

You can just show up any week in Level 1.


What do I bring to class?

Your dog's most current vet records, very yummy treats for you dog, regular leash and collar. Harnesses okay.


What is your training method?

Positive reinforcement. No pain, no force. Studies show positive reinforcment is any animals preferred method to be trained.


How long have you been training?

Professionally 15 years. Prior to that I trained with my own dogs. Currently I have 3-Sage a shepherd mix 11 years old, Mac a chowpei 5 years old and Tulip a Great Pyrenees 4 years old.


Do you teach Private in home sessions?

Absolutely! Mostly scheduled in afternoons as I teach group classes every night. Usually booked a week in advance. Rates available on request.


I heard you're retiring soon?

Yes, sometime in late summer, early fall 2017. I plan on continuing private consults after retirement.


Can I bring my kids to class?

Yes! We are family friendly. I usually have a rule: 5 years old and above. For younger kids, contact me first.


How do I pay for classes? 

You can pay in a personal check to me or cash.


What if I have to  miss a week of class? 

If you are not in class, we don't count it against you and you just jump back in the next week. Topics rotate so you won't miss anything.